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Dec. 5th, 2009 | 09:09 pm
music: Beyonce - Sweet Dream

Okay so I haven't made a post in a long while. But since it's almost Christmas I decided I'd go ahead. I'm only making a short update post. but I'll let you in on some stuff what's been going on.

Okay so I've been sick recently with a bad cold. Kind of dizzy and lethargic but otherwise allright. Last night it snooooweedd~ I';ve got pictures but I haven't upl,oaded them to my computer yet. And I have to wait till I finish uploading the ones I've got ON my computer to Photobucket. Which I believe I've already linked you to! :3
Tonight is saturdaynight though, So i'm going to give you the rundown of today's events. For me the Christmas season doesn't start until we get a tree and get them lights on it! Which we did today. We woke up early and me Aunt Debbie and Uncle Justin headed out to Lowe's and got us a something fur...D something. Darwin? I don't know. But it's the fluffy one. It's about my dad's height. Which is pretty tall. Thus far I've only got a few ornaments on there. But I have the lights on and a few ornaments.

We're waitin g for the children to come over so we can put the rest on the tree. Cute little things. I'll probably have to redecorate the tree after they leave. As children can only reach so far. But that's all right, I don't mind.

We just had dinner. Me and kristy had to make Supper because Aunt Debbie threw out her back. It happens. Poor thing. Anyway dinner was good and afterwards I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and we all had hot chocolate and pineapple upsidedown cake. It was delicious. I think the sugar's giving me a bit of a rush xDD;;...I need to slow down on my sugar intake.

I had a lot of fun playing with Samantha. Jessica's youngest. She kept saying "Come get me Rawr!" She can't say my name. Mariah. Once the food was ate and the tree was decorated, we just sort of hung out. The kids left around nine. They stayed around five hours or so. And we just sort of had fun.

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