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Nov. 4th, 2009 | 08:28 pm

Well on the way to driving uncle Justin to work I thought I'd go ahead and give him a heads up, just so that he and Aunt Debbie weren't ambushed when dad went to talk to them about it.  But, what was I to expect? A civilized conversation? I'd have been a fool. Immediately he got up in arms about the situation when I explained to him that Mom and Dad were taking the car back because I had failed numerous times to inform Auntie and Uncle that they were not to drive my car because neither one of them had insurance. Or a legal driver's license. But he decided he was just going to get pissy with me about it.


He asked me, why don't I just get insurance on my own and him and Auntie will Just pay for it. And I thought about it and then asked him. "Can you REALLY afford 180 dollars a month?" And he argued that it wouldn't cost that much. That it only cost that much through my current insurance provider.  Wrong. My Mother spent hours looking for cheaper insurance for my car and me and found that 179.95 was the CHEAPEST we were going to get around here. Or anywhere.

And another thing. No way in hell am I going to let him and Aunt Debbie start paying the insurance on MY car. What, so they sue me for it? Or they bitch and moan and act like they own my car/ So they can hold it over my head for fucking ever? Absolutely not.  They made this bed they can fucking lay in it. And I will stand right on top of them.


But he wouldn't listen to me. He just got irate about the issue. So I gave up. Fuck it. No one but me will ever drive my car again.

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