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Aug. 2nd, 2009 | 01:38 pm
location: My Room. Brooding.
music: Doorway - IO Echo

So. Super not happy right now. it seems that my Aunt has decided that no matter WHO pays for it, it's hers. And she has the right to dictate and place stipulations upon just about ANYTHING in the house. While I'm not a greedy person who pissed me off earlier this morning. The day before I had gone to the store. (And GOD HELP ME, I forgot the coffee. ) I bought some cereals for everyone to enjoy. Because we all like Cereal.

Now there's just one problem with Cereal in this house. it gets eaten. Fast. Mostly by two people. Uncle Justin and my Aunt's Cousin Kristy who lives with us. Kristy will pick on cereal, coco pebbles or fruity pebbles. Something like that. And eat it. Bowl after bowl. Three times a day, until it's gone. HUGE bowls too.

Uncle Justin likes Corn pops. He's the only one who eats them. But, he'll eat, bowl after bowl, of every other cereal. Until they're gone, THEN he'll start on the corn pops. This is a pattern I have noticed, and it irks me. Aunt Debbie only likes one cereal too, frosted mini wheats or Honey Bunches of Oats, Almond.

Like a fucking two year old she'll adamantly refuse anything other than whatever special cereal she likes. AND. If anyone gets a bowl of it, she gets piiiisssseed. And makes comments. Little, behind the hand, cover the mouth comments. That PISSES me off.

So yesterday I bought One cornpops, one coco pebbles, a box of Cheerios for granny, and TWO boxes of Almond Honey Bunches because I like it too. Someone piled all the boxes in the corner of the kitchen and I suppose Aunt Debbie didn't notice me pick it up. So I walk in grab a box and she turns around and looks at me and says. "Mariah...Are you hiding Cereal in your room?"I looked at her as if she were crazy. "What?! No, it's right there." 

I don't recall what Uncle Justin said next but Aunt Debbie made some comment about how much Cereal we eat. "They buy that cereal cause I don't eat that sugary stuff. I'm just saying, other people like cereal too guys."

I wanted to punch her in the back of her fat head. I really really did. I can't believe her! Why would she say shit like that? But she always does, she's always calling me greedy and selfish. Always accusing me of eating the last of something or all of something. I'm sick of it, I may kill her. You just don't fucking know.

HOW DARE she put stipulations and make comments about food I FUCKING BOUGHT. GOD I hate her.

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