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Mechacon. Or rather. FUCK.THIS. Con.

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Jul. 26th, 2009 | 04:24 pm

I hate putting on mascara, let me just start off with that.  I fucking hate it.; Cause no matter what I do I can not , never , but never get this shit off! But none the less I wore some for whatever fucking reason!

Sorry for not responding to your post babe, but I'm in the mood to vent. 


Well, on the way there, the ride was fucking rough. God damn. Not ONLY did we get on on the way there, Ella almost got me KILLED. But I'll touch on that latter.

First of all let me touch on the things at the con that were FUN.


On the first day we didn't do much. So I wont go into details on that.


In the morning we woke up and went to a Panel about what I don't know really. But it was by Greg Ayes. I love him, he's absolutely hilarious and so is his Brother Chris. I met a woman named Samantha Inoue Heart, I think. I met her in the stairwell and got praised on my ability to pronounce (not actually speak) Japanese. But I don't really think it was her. XD She wasn't wearing glasses. But oh well, it made me feel good. x3 As I really am trying to learn Japanese. I wish I had a noble reason, but really it's only because I hate knowing only three or four sentences worth of a language and not the rest

The panel with Greg Aryes really turned into more of a morning chat. he spoke to us about voice acting and mostly about Cons. What it was like to work there. He had purple hair. I love this man. Though I think...Well, I wont say that, it's his personal business. ;3 I met Chris too, I went to the 'So you Want to be a Voice Actor' Panel. = - = And there was this annoying as fuck woman. She stood up and said "I have a question- or rather, a statement." And then she would.Not.Shut.Up!!

And then! We saw her trying to sell her CDs, hocking them in line to get Autographs from Greg Chris and another guy named Vic. You can tell I'm not an experienced Con goer or Fan...I know their last names I just don't remember how to spell them!! (Forgive me Vic! *sob* ) But I sure as hell know that if you're a merchant you have to pay Merchant's fee, and set up a booth! Not wander through the halls trying to promote yourself!

I met Vic, like, several times. He did the voice of Edward from FMA.


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