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Day Three. The Fight Renewed.

Jan. 3rd, 2010 | 06:21 pm
location: Laying in bed Drinking Soy Milk. Mmm~
mood: rejuvenated rejuvenated
music: Canon in D Minor

Okay so, I know I missed a day. It's the third. I know. But I didn't feel the need to write about it yesterday because yesterday (last night) I failed myself. i ate Fried Cutlets and Rice and Gravy! AND MACARONI N CHEESE! I was too ashamed with myself. But it tasted so damn good.

Today though I was very very good. Aside from not waking up till lunch time. I had for breakfast a sliver of cheesecake, Sara Lee. Which was about 180 calories. 25 fat though. *tear* And a glass of Silk Light which was 70 calories. I forget how much are fat though. o.x; Bad Riah!

And then for lunch I had two glasses of Crystal light BEFORE I ate one slice of pizza that amounted to 1/8th width. Which was around 150 calories. 60 of them fat though. .__. Shame shame. *Slaps self* But! I did remember to pat it down with a paper towel to remove a lot of the grease.

The pizza tasted good. > . > So good.

And after that I had a 95 calorie lunch of four water crackers and a wedge of laughing cow Light cheese. It too, tasted good.

But taste is what brings me to the last item on my menu.

The Kashi Chicken Pasta Pomodoro.

Never in my life have I tasted a healthy meal that was so BLAND. I'm serious. This shit is...whoa. And the zucchini in it tasted funky. So I picked those out. Dear god. I think I'm going to shop around before I buy another one of these monstrosities.

Now I understand that diet food was never made to taste like non-diet food. That's not my beef, I can sacrifice taste. (Pun not intended.) But this is off the wall. There was no flavor to the sauce except a hint of tomato and basil. It was runny, no matter how long I cooked or how often I stirred it. And the zuchinni ...soooggyyy...Blech!

But I did manage to salvage my wasted 280 calories. But adding another 125 calories worth of two slices of white bread with 1/4th of a tablespoon of butter (NOT margarine. Don't even get me started on that shit.)

But real Grade AA butter. Which amounted to 25 calories. 100 for the bread slices. After I melted the butter on them in the microwave i sprinkled some Tony's and Garlic poweder and made myself some zesty garlic toast!

I added some Emeril's Original Essence. And the meal popped right back to life. Nothing fantastic but it was edible now. Thanks Emeril, you saved my dinner!

Next time I fully intend to do some value shopping at the local Dollar Tree and see if I can't find anything better, for a better price. Not that I'm going to sacrifice my diet >__>; But still. Bleh.

So in total I've haaadd

1 Slice of Cheesecake
Calories: 180 - 25 fat Cal.

1 Glass of Silk Light Soymilk
Calories: 80. (Added chocolate syrup.)
70 + 10.

1 Slice of Pizza (With grease somewhat removed from Surface.)
Calories: 150 - 60 fat Cal.
+ Two Glasses of Crystal Light.

1 Kashi Dinner + Zest Garlic Bread Slices
Calories: 280 - 50 fat Cal.
+ 125 - 30 fat Cal.
+ One Glass of Crystal Light.

Total Amount Is: 815 Calories - 200 fat Cal! (Rounding UP here guys! )

Do I win?! YES I DO! I have room for a whole other FOUR HUNRED calories! Should I spoil myself?

No. If I'm still hungry, I eat. But I will not spoil my diet. The best reward is conviction!

I may reward myself with a glass of milk before bed. Soy Milk that is.

SO! End of the Day Scores.
Calorie Score: A++!
Weight Score: 315lbs. Down three pounds from yesterday after that little..uh..incident with the gravy.
Behavioral Score: C+ (Had some trust issues with myself. But I worked through it and didn't cave in! )

BREAKING UPDATE --- 7:00 Pm Louisiana Time.

WOOPS! Major mistake on my part! Apparently my body burns over three THOUSAND calories a day! 815 calories is a big no no unless I'm starving myself! She said I should shoot for around 1500 calories. I'd lose about a half a pound a day that way.

When I found this out I snatched a few chicken tenders (Small ones) and a garlic herb potato bite from her, and a small wedge of LC Cheese.

Which brings me to around 1200 for the day! Phew. Close call man.

Two more days of 800 or so and my body would have gone into starvation mode! Which means my body would have horded calories like crazy! And I wouldn't hardly lose any weight at all!

New Score is.
Calorie Score: A- ( For not taking proper care of myself.)
Weight Score: 315lbs. Down three pounds from yesterday after that little..uh..incident with the gravy.
Behavioral Score: C (Had some trust issues with myself. But I worked through it and didn't cave in! )

Well, you win some you lose some! :3
My Name is Mariah King and I am making myself a healthier person. One bite at a time!

Goodnight everyone!

Happy New Years! The Saga Begins.

Jan. 1st, 2010 | 12:18 pm
location: Hammond, Louisiana
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert

Hello and Happy New Years to everyone. It is currently 11:50 am, That's in Louisiana for you others~ I have no idea what time zone that is so if anyone could tell me That would be supreme!

I just woke up like thirty minutes ago from some hard partying last night. Hah, not really. But I'll explain that in a bit.
First I will Introduce myself.

My name is Mariah Elizabeth Ann King.
I was born in Bougalusa, Louisiana. On September 26th 1989.
And of course, I am 20 years old. I will be 21 in September.

Throughout the course of this year long Journal you will get to know me. And my family. Though I will not list their full information. You needn't really know them THAT well.

Anyway, Since the week before last I've been planning on starting a hardcore diet/excercise regimen. Because. I Currently weigh 314lbs. I am 5'9". By total body weight shouldn't exceed 190 - 200 at my heaviest. I don't remember what my ideal bodyweight was supposed to be. It's been a while since I checked it. But I know it isn't 314 lbs.

Starting today my diet begins. While I'm not exactly sure how to aproach it, such a lengthy diet as this one, I'm confident I can, through conviction, achieve my goal weights. Yes I said weights.

I've set up several milestones. Getting below 300 will be my first milestone. And by getting below 300 I mean 280. To do this people, I have to lose 34lbs. Not so easy as it looks. But, that's a lot of weight. A small child weights 34lbs.

This morning I've had a half a bowl of Go Lean Crunch. It's fucking nasty. So I'm drinking my orange juice which is 120 calories per 8 ounces. Kinda silly. I should upgrade to a better quality orange juice, Less Sugar.

I have to take in only 1200 calories. You would think that's a lot. But considering our average meal here exceeds that three-fold, it isn't. It's not going to be easy. And there will be times when I will feel so damn hungry. But I can't give in. I wont give in.

My life is at risk here. And if you think yours isn't, think again if you're overweight. My family has a history of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Abdominal Anuerysmsm, Thyroid Disorders and a whole bunch more I'll have to ask my mom about.

If this continues, I'm on a very real course towards almost certain death. It may sound dramatic, but my grandmother has Diabetes, and a diseased heart. And the Doctors said it's from not taking care of herself. My Aunt, has Degenerative Disk Disease and no kneecaps or cartilidge, because of her weight. Which is almost 400.

It's got to stop. And it Ends here. Today at lunch I MIGHT have some cabbage. Might. If I do not raid mom's kitchen for fruits and vegetables.

But I'm not sad. I'm happy! I'm excited at the prospect of getting in shape, and being able to do things, laugh and run and play, not sweat myself to death in 50 degree weather. To grow up and grow old...period.

I love life and I want to live it. I am tired of being caged by my weight. I want to be free! I was not made to sit inside 24/7 and grow like a fat potato! I was made for better things, not exceeding weight limits on coaster rides! THis is MY life. I live here, not my ghetto booty.

I want people to see ME. Not my thighs. Not my arms and my legs. And the onl;y way to let them is to express myself. Which is hard to do when carrying around 314lbs. Wish me luck! Happy New Year, and may you be granted every blessing.


Dec. 5th, 2009 | 09:09 pm
music: Beyonce - Sweet Dream

Okay so I haven't made a post in a long while. But since it's almost Christmas I decided I'd go ahead. I'm only making a short update post. but I'll let you in on some stuff what's been going on.

Okay so I've been sick recently with a bad cold. Kind of dizzy and lethargic but otherwise allright. Last night it snooooweedd~ I';ve got pictures but I haven't upl,oaded them to my computer yet. And I have to wait till I finish uploading the ones I've got ON my computer to Photobucket. Which I believe I've already linked you to! :3
Tonight is saturdaynight though, So i'm going to give you the rundown of today's events. For me the Christmas season doesn't start until we get a tree and get them lights on it! Which we did today. We woke up early and me Aunt Debbie and Uncle Justin headed out to Lowe's and got us a something fur...D something. Darwin? I don't know. But it's the fluffy one. It's about my dad's height. Which is pretty tall. Thus far I've only got a few ornaments on there. But I have the lights on and a few ornaments.

We're waitin g for the children to come over so we can put the rest on the tree. Cute little things. I'll probably have to redecorate the tree after they leave. As children can only reach so far. But that's all right, I don't mind.

We just had dinner. Me and kristy had to make Supper because Aunt Debbie threw out her back. It happens. Poor thing. Anyway dinner was good and afterwards I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and we all had hot chocolate and pineapple upsidedown cake. It was delicious. I think the sugar's giving me a bit of a rush xDD;;...I need to slow down on my sugar intake.

I had a lot of fun playing with Samantha. Jessica's youngest. She kept saying "Come get me Rawr!" She can't say my name. Mariah. Once the food was ate and the tree was decorated, we just sort of hung out. The kids left around nine. They stayed around five hours or so. And we just sort of had fun.


Nov. 4th, 2009 | 08:28 pm

Well on the way to driving uncle Justin to work I thought I'd go ahead and give him a heads up, just so that he and Aunt Debbie weren't ambushed when dad went to talk to them about it.  But, what was I to expect? A civilized conversation? I'd have been a fool. Immediately he got up in arms about the situation when I explained to him that Mom and Dad were taking the car back because I had failed numerous times to inform Auntie and Uncle that they were not to drive my car because neither one of them had insurance. Or a legal driver's license. But he decided he was just going to get pissy with me about it.


He asked me, why don't I just get insurance on my own and him and Auntie will Just pay for it. And I thought about it and then asked him. "Can you REALLY afford 180 dollars a month?" And he argued that it wouldn't cost that much. That it only cost that much through my current insurance provider.  Wrong. My Mother spent hours looking for cheaper insurance for my car and me and found that 179.95 was the CHEAPEST we were going to get around here. Or anywhere.

And another thing. No way in hell am I going to let him and Aunt Debbie start paying the insurance on MY car. What, so they sue me for it? Or they bitch and moan and act like they own my car/ So they can hold it over my head for fucking ever? Absolutely not.  They made this bed they can fucking lay in it. And I will stand right on top of them.


But he wouldn't listen to me. He just got irate about the issue. So I gave up. Fuck it. No one but me will ever drive my car again.

Wow. Fun mes ahead.

Nov. 4th, 2009 | 04:05 pm

Hoookay. Me again. Well, I've been steadily working on my Manga for a while and I've gathered up a few decent pages to be posted now I need to work on the graphic design of my website. I wont post the link yet cause it wont lead anywhere, save a blank page maybe. But steady go, steady come. Or slow and steady wins the race or something.


Aside from that I've managed to step in it deep. My Insurance provider is on my tail about letting my Aunt and Uncle Drive my car. And I can understand why. Neither of them have driver's insurance.  And if they find out I've been letting them (Relatives) drive my car, while not insured, I'm in deep fucking shit.  I don't have one of those plans that allows me to allow other drivers to drive my car insured or not. Nonono. If Uncle Justin gets stopped driving MY car. I lose my car.




Several years ago after I first moved to Hammond, I'd say, maybe I'd been living here for...four years? Maybe? Uncle Justin got stopped by the cops and got about 800-900 dollars worth of tickets from the cop for a wide variety of shit. And that was like, several years ago. It's 2009 now and I've been living here for ten years, you do the math. 

Aunt Debbie had about 500 dollars in fees she needed to pay for letting her insurance lapse and her license.  So , for all I know she could have a warrant out for her arrest too.


But what I DO know, is that if either of them get stopped in my car, they'll both be arrested for unpaid tickets/fees/failure to appear in court and MY CAR will be impounded. My car! Impounded! Sold at an auction! For like 300 dollars! Holy shit! And then I'm out a car. Uncle Justin (AND possibly aunt debbie!) will be in jail! And then there goes our home! All our possessions will be sold to pay their fucking fines! And I can't let that happen. But I can't fucking talk to them.

No, if I try and talk to them about the situation Uncle Justin just starts spewing bullshit excuses left and right. "Oh that would never happen cause of this this, and this. Blah blah blah." And so on and so forth. Give me reason after reason after reason about how he wouldn't go to jail because of some random half-assed lie he's cooked up. I can't talk to them. So now my father is going to do it and he isn't going to be very nice about it at all. 

It's unfortunate. But, it's been coming for a while. And now, my mom is taking my car away. *sigh.* Shit.


Now I have to ask her if I can use the car. And she's keeping my keys. Fuck. This blows. I have to earn my car back.


Thanks a lot Uncle Justin. Thanks. A. Lot.

RAWR~! Happy Halloweeennn~!

Oct. 30th, 2009 | 04:19 pm

HOKAI SO-  It's been a long ass muther fuckin' time since I posted ANYTHING. Which sucks. Quite frankly I need to keep up with this shit. Like for realz. Not since before my birthday. Whcih was awesome!


Let me go ahead and start there! So , for my birthday I got some pretty awesome gifts! I got a new purse, which I love to death. Best. Purse Ever. I'll take a picture of it and post it for y'all later. 

I got about 90$ in cash from various family members.  Weeho. With which I went out to eat with said family. And bought a couple acessories. New headphones, a new shirt. Socks. Good shit man.


And then, came the big one. I got, a THREE HUNDRED DOLLAR gift card from Bestbuy! Oh fucking shit, you don't know how happy I was. Yeah sure, with that and the 90$ it was enough to get me a new computer. But, I stopped myself and I thought, Hey Dipshit, why blow all your money on a cheap computer, when you can get state of the art..well..other shit. So I went, and I bought myself an MP3 player.  A Blue Sansa Clip. And some skullcandy Headphones to go with it. So awesome. 


This thing has FOUR gigabites. FOUR. Do you KNOW how many fucking MB that is?! Holy SHIT. it's FOUR THOUSAND MG. And considering the average song is about 5 mb. SWEET JESUS. I've got over 288 songs on this bad thing and I've managed to barely scratch 1.5 GB. Holy crap. Now I have all the musical inspiration I need to Kick some ASS during my walks and exercise routine. I am so ridiculously happy.


So after that I bought like a 20$ Ps3 card. And got some custom Rockband songs and rocked out with my peeps to Breaking Benjamin. Oh, we had mega fun. Bitches. I also bought these sound snuffing pads for the Drums of our Rockband station? And they work wonders. Unless Uncle Justin plays the drums. Then they're rather useless. Watching him play Rockband is hilarious. Highlight of my evening anyway. He just flails. I've never seen a man imitate a psycho monkey on crack in the middle of a seizure.


He nailed it.

And so, the GRAND FINALE (though I still have like $47 left. Lulz) I bought a Samsung Digital Camera. OH MY GOD. it's fucking beautiful. I wish I could take a picture of my own camera! It would be epic. FUCKING EPIC. You should see this camera. I have like three , 2gb memory cards for the bastard. Hoshiz. I've been taking pictures like a mofo. I'mma link chu bitches to my Photobucket.

photobucket.com/MariahKing    <-- Right Hurr. Check it OUT bitches.


On not too plesant News I've really Fallen behind on my Comic. I AM SO LAZY. Oh my GOD. Were it not for Lauren I wouldn't even have what i HAVE. God bless that little lesbian psycho. I love you Lawry. But, over the course of the ho0lidays I hope to  spruce up my site, add comic pages and fucking HELL, get some work done on this shit.  *Chews on a Butterfinger.*


;   ; Imma be fat forever.


Aug. 2nd, 2009 | 01:38 pm
location: My Room. Brooding.
music: Doorway - IO Echo

So. Super not happy right now. it seems that my Aunt has decided that no matter WHO pays for it, it's hers. And she has the right to dictate and place stipulations upon just about ANYTHING in the house. While I'm not a greedy person who pissed me off earlier this morning. The day before I had gone to the store. (And GOD HELP ME, I forgot the coffee. ) I bought some cereals for everyone to enjoy. Because we all like Cereal.

Now there's just one problem with Cereal in this house. it gets eaten. Fast. Mostly by two people. Uncle Justin and my Aunt's Cousin Kristy who lives with us. Kristy will pick on cereal, coco pebbles or fruity pebbles. Something like that. And eat it. Bowl after bowl. Three times a day, until it's gone. HUGE bowls too.

Uncle Justin likes Corn pops. He's the only one who eats them. But, he'll eat, bowl after bowl, of every other cereal. Until they're gone, THEN he'll start on the corn pops. This is a pattern I have noticed, and it irks me. Aunt Debbie only likes one cereal too, frosted mini wheats or Honey Bunches of Oats, Almond.

Like a fucking two year old she'll adamantly refuse anything other than whatever special cereal she likes. AND. If anyone gets a bowl of it, she gets piiiisssseed. And makes comments. Little, behind the hand, cover the mouth comments. That PISSES me off.

So yesterday I bought One cornpops, one coco pebbles, a box of Cheerios for granny, and TWO boxes of Almond Honey Bunches because I like it too. Someone piled all the boxes in the corner of the kitchen and I suppose Aunt Debbie didn't notice me pick it up. So I walk in grab a box and she turns around and looks at me and says. "Mariah...Are you hiding Cereal in your room?"I looked at her as if she were crazy. "What?! No, it's right there." 

I don't recall what Uncle Justin said next but Aunt Debbie made some comment about how much Cereal we eat. "They buy that cereal cause I don't eat that sugary stuff. I'm just saying, other people like cereal too guys."

I wanted to punch her in the back of her fat head. I really really did. I can't believe her! Why would she say shit like that? But she always does, she's always calling me greedy and selfish. Always accusing me of eating the last of something or all of something. I'm sick of it, I may kill her. You just don't fucking know.

HOW DARE she put stipulations and make comments about food I FUCKING BOUGHT. GOD I hate her.

Mechacon. Or rather. FUCK.THIS. Con.

Jul. 26th, 2009 | 04:24 pm

I hate putting on mascara, let me just start off with that.  I fucking hate it.; Cause no matter what I do I can not , never , but never get this shit off! But none the less I wore some for whatever fucking reason!

Sorry for not responding to your post babe, but I'm in the mood to vent. 


Well, on the way there, the ride was fucking rough. God damn. Not ONLY did we get on on the way there, Ella almost got me KILLED. But I'll touch on that latter.

First of all let me touch on the things at the con that were FUN.


On the first day we didn't do much. So I wont go into details on that.


In the morning we woke up and went to a Panel about what I don't know really. But it was by Greg Ayes. I love him, he's absolutely hilarious and so is his Brother Chris. I met a woman named Samantha Inoue Heart, I think. I met her in the stairwell and got praised on my ability to pronounce (not actually speak) Japanese. But I don't really think it was her. XD She wasn't wearing glasses. But oh well, it made me feel good. x3 As I really am trying to learn Japanese. I wish I had a noble reason, but really it's only because I hate knowing only three or four sentences worth of a language and not the rest

The panel with Greg Aryes really turned into more of a morning chat. he spoke to us about voice acting and mostly about Cons. What it was like to work there. He had purple hair. I love this man. Though I think...Well, I wont say that, it's his personal business. ;3 I met Chris too, I went to the 'So you Want to be a Voice Actor' Panel. = - = And there was this annoying as fuck woman. She stood up and said "I have a question- or rather, a statement." And then she would.Not.Shut.Up!!

And then! We saw her trying to sell her CDs, hocking them in line to get Autographs from Greg Chris and another guy named Vic. You can tell I'm not an experienced Con goer or Fan...I know their last names I just don't remember how to spell them!! (Forgive me Vic! *sob* ) But I sure as hell know that if you're a merchant you have to pay Merchant's fee, and set up a booth! Not wander through the halls trying to promote yourself!

I met Vic, like, several times. He did the voice of Edward from FMA.


I am the Wind.

Jul. 16th, 2009 | 02:52 am

Picture a word, penned by grief written in soul.

Add the pieces that make it whole.
Practice long and hard to shake, these painful feelings when I wake.
Close my eyes and hope to see you smiling once again at me.
Picture sweet, in every way.
But these are dreams, and dreams do not stay.

Simple laugh, a chorus of sound, that fills my ears in hopes to drown
out the painful sobbing sound. And smile once again.

Decorate with trappings fine, as places fit for king's to dine,
and wrap around and hold in time, the feelings left once bare.
Clicking, clacking ticking tocking, time slips by, never stopping.
Lay alone and hum a song, sing for shadows all night long.

Trembling hands and breathy fear, in hopes and fear,
oh things my dear. Place my head, here I lay.

For these are dreams that do not stay.

- By Some Random Poet.

Today, I was hit by a crazy woman in a red sports SUV type thing. My car is falling apart at the seams...But nobody cares. I'd thought people would. Maybe you know, but, that would be idiocy wouldn't it....Who am I to expect kindness. I snapped at my friend today...I didn't mean to hurt her, I'm pretty sure I never really meant anything to anyone to begin with. I get sicker....every day. But I can't tell anyone. I'm afraid to. Everything hurts, and I'm scared. But nobody seems to care.


It's not as though it's unreal. And why should I tell anyone? For a moment's sympathy? Everyone does that. "oh Baby I'm so sorry....Now about Me." I'm pretty sure you've blocked me from everything. I'm going to bed...I'll delete this later. It'll be fine no one reads it. Nobody cares...My health deteriorates every day...what is next?


Jul. 12th, 2009 | 06:53 pm
mood: artistic

Today I made this for ym friend Lauren. Who is like, OMG the shit. I'mn serious. You better recognize~





*cough* She understands me :< at least she pretends to~